For Employment services we can offer information on where to get the best assistance with your employment needs.

Currently there are two programs offered through Neil Squire we do have information about:

Working Together
A unique, comprehensive and participant centered program is designed to develop the skills required to help individuals achieve their employment goals.
Participant Eligibility
* Have a self declared disability
* Require Assistance to prepare for, obtain and keep employment or self-employment
* Legally entitled to work in Canada
* Not currently receiving EI

Fast Track and Land a Job
Calling all youth with disabilities - The working together program wants you. This program:
Helps you land the job you want.
Provides ergonomic and/or assistive technology assessments and solutions.
Provides continuous support.
Participant Eligibility
* Have a self-declared disability
* At least 15 years old and want a part-time job
* Want control over your life
* Want to make your own decisions

For both programs local contact is:
Mindy Rollins 250-492-5289